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Please complete ALL questions, answering as FULLY as possible in the boxes. Highest marks will be awarded to applicants who give the most accurate and complete answers.

1What is the full title of the British Standard that covers the installation of carpet?
2If direct sticking a carpet to a solid sub-floor incorporating an underfloor heating system, what advice should you give to the consumer and why?
3What considerations should be discussed with a customer regarding the position of seams?
4If it were specified that the substrate should be drilled and plugged to install gripper or a nosing, what is the maximum interval between the fixings and the maximum depth?
5What is the acceptable level of Relative Humidity before a floorcovering can be installed?
6What are the recommendations when installing underlay to receive a stretch fit carpet?
7Explain how you would measure a room to find out whether it is square?
8Draw a square and label it as follows: Top left corner =A, Top right corner =B, Bottom left corner =C and Bottom right corner =D. (Wall A to C is the length). Explain the basic stretch sequence for this area. (Please note, we do not need to see a copy of the drawing).
9If, when preparing stairs for stretch fit carpet you saw the notice "Do NOT Nail Grippers" explain alternative methods of fixing the grippers.
10Describe how you would cut and prepare two pieces of woven (Axminster/Wilton) carpet to be seamed together.
11What are the considerations when installing a blown rubber/waffle type underlay to a staircase?
12When heat seaming carpets should you work in a specific direction? If so, state what direction and give reasons why.
13If you arrived at a job where the customer is supplying the materials and you are responsible for the fitting only, how would you ensure that a good anchorage was achieved with the carpet into the door bar if you had to use 9mm PU underlay and a flat base double door bar?
14Can you direct stick a carpet onto a calcium sulphate anhydrite screed? If so, what if any, precautions should be considered?
15If you were to prepare and stretch fit carpet to a kite winder, please list all tools you consider would be required to complete this task.
16On a knee-kicker there is a small indent in the centre of the head, what is its purpose?
17If installing multiple lengths of carpet on a dual stick system, is it acceptable to heat seam the joins? Give reasons for your answer.
18When installing stretch fit carpet what should you stretch first (length or width) and why?
19Explain the specific uses for a spiked roller?
20Should underlay joints be covered with a tape? If so, what type and why?