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Thank you for your interest in the NICF, we are delighted that you wish to apply for membership. Once you have completed and submitted the form below we will forward an invoice for the administration fee. Upon receipt of payment your application will be processed. Thank you.

Please be aware that upon processing your details, we will also require you to send us two passport-sized photographs.

Application for Membership

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For Fitter and Trainee applicants, please enter your home address below. Employer details should be entered in Section B.

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References for Fitter applicants

Please ask your referees first and provide contact name, address (including postcode), telephone number and email address. We will mention that you have applied to join the NICF and ask about your trading record with each company or client. Please ensure you provide a Telephone number or Email, preferably both.




Section D
Associate applicants only
Do you fit flooring?
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Do you employ floorlayers?

Please let us know where you heard about the NICF

Memberhip Fees

Should you require, you can view the NICF Membership Fees in detail here. This page will open in a new window to avoid losing information you may have already entered into this form.